the IDEA

ioCamper is a transportable and expandable apartment house. It opens to four times to its original size. It provides three separated rooms.

You can transport it in collapsed state on a flat trailer or in the cargo of a van.

Opening process works with the wireless remote or manually


The ioCamper is able to transform a simple van to a motorhome without any mechanical modification on the van. If you fix it to the trailer then it works as a caravan. Put the ioCamper into a van’s cargo or on the trailer, fix it with four screws and that’s it. The ioCamper expands to FOUR times to its original size with the remote control. The opened ioCamper provides extraordinary comfort for 4 people with 4 pcs full size beds, kitchen, toilet, external shower, dining area, air condition, solar power supply, led lights, entertainment system, etc…

You can use the van’s ORIGINAL FUNCTIONS and turns the van into a motorcaravan when you need it.


the ioCamper

Discover the main function
  • living room

  • bedroom

  • external bath

  • kitchen

  • more...

TWO WAYS to use the ioCamper
  • Use as a Stand-Slone apartment

  • use as a Motor-Caravan

  • use as a Trailer-Caravan

  • Why people NEED THIS...

  • What kind of VAN...

  • Do you need any skills...

  • How long does it take to open and use it?

  • Different variants available?


Discover the main FUNCTIONS


hot plates
kitchen storage

portable toilet (stored in the wardrobe)

livingroom 2

190x80cm bed

2pcs USB device charging

livingroom 1

190x80cm bed
24” TV with
entertainment system
dining table and seats for 4
2pcs USB device charging


190x144cm bed
2pcs USB device charging
large wardrobe


230V power connection

Tap Water connection

External shower

Air conditioning with cooling and heating functions
Solar panels on top of the ioCamper
Connection to supplied electricity and tap water

Each room has a separate light system with remote controlled multicolor led panels
24” LED camping TV  with entertainment system


Three modes to use

use as a stand-alone apartment
as a motorcaravan
as a trailer caravan

Use it in your courtyard as a guest house, or as a fishing bungalow or many other ways

The base part of the ioCamper remains inside the van's cargo compartment, open the rear door and expand the apartment

You can travel with your family easily with a small size trailer. It takes five minutes to open the camper and enjoy the space and comfort

webre stand aloneA.png
webre motorcaravan.png
webre trailer.png


  • Why people NEED THIS?

The main benefit of the ioCamper is that the small size closed box can be put into your existing van. You do NOT need to transform your van to a motorhome spending plenty of money, and do NOT need to modify anything on your van. So, you won't lose your van's original functions, you'll be able to carry goods or people with it in the future.

If you put it on a trailer than you can travel with your family. It is easy to drive with a small size trailer and open the ioCamper when you’ve reached your destination.

Also, an important preference is the additional possible usage of the ioCamper. You can use it as a standalone apartment in your courtyard, or as a fishing bungalow, or many other ways. Perhaps you want to invite your friend or family members but you don't have enough space. Just open the ioCamper in your garden and use it as a small guest-house.

  • What kind of VAN can be loaded with ioCamper?

The standard model has a size of 2.6 * 1.4 * 1.7 m (l * w * h), which can be fitted to any L2 H2 (or bigger) van such as Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer, Ford Transit. Please measure your van’s cargo size before ordering!

Later it will be available in more different sizes to fit in other vans like Mercedes Sprinter, Renault Traffic, etc… These vans have much smaller distance between the wheel arches, so we will need to redesign the structure in the near future.

  • Do you need any skills or training to use the ioCamper?

No. It is enough to follow the user guide. The process is operated by a touchscreen remote device which is connected to ioCamper's via Bluetooth. Naturally it is possible to operate manually upon your request.

  • How long does it take to open and use it?

The apartment can be used within 5 to 10 minutes, depending on which way we want to use
the ioCamper.

  • Different variants available?

We are going to start the production with one size only, but it is planned to make different sizes in the near future.


Where does the ide comes from?

…do everything for your family…

My son asked me to go for a camp-holiday so my wife and me decided to hire or buy a caravan or a
motorhome. While searching for the right tool, we’ve experienced the following

In case of rent, the daily rental cost is equal to the price of a full-service hotel room and at least 150
km away from our nearest rental possibility.

For shopping, the hardest compromise with a motorhome is that we can use it only for the journeys.
We have an old, but good conditioned 9-passengers van, which would have lost its original function if
it was converted into a motorhome, so I dropped this option as well.

At this time, I started to search the web for a compact camping-insert box for the van’s cargo. After a
comprehensive search, I had to come to the conclusion that a device with appropriate comfort didn’t
exist. At this point I decided to design an expandable apartment house that can be inserted into the
existing van’s cargo (and can be simply removed from there whenever). Using my mechanical
engineering knowledge and my work experience, the design process has started...

Aug. 2016

Using all my free time I made a lot of 3D plans on my computer that were constantly built on one to
another. The picture in my head and PC screen was cleansed from day to day regarding the feasibility
of my idea. I found nearly the 20th version as good as to show to my family and my closest friends. I
asked their opinion about its shape and usability...

Jan. 2017

Based on the latest designs, I have created a working, realistic M 2: 1 scale model in 3 months. I have
built in the most important operational features in the model. Based on the experience gained during
the construction and operation of the model I fine-tuned the prototype plans...

April. 2017

I rented a right-sized workshop and found the best partners to build the prototype. My team members are an IT programmer, a construction engineer, an electrical technician, a mechanic technician, and an economist.


April. 2018

International PATENT protection

We have obtained the international patent for the ioCamper as a fully-comfort apartment house, and its unique opening technique.


Sept. 2019


We have to move to a right size workshop, than we need to equip it with the necessary machines and tools.


Jan. 2020




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